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How to manage arthritis pain? For people diagnosed with Arthritis, it can definitely be challenging every single day. How to manage arthritis pain? For some people, the pain begins right before they wake up in the morning, and at night its making them feel that sleep is impossible. While there is still no known treatment for arthritis as of this writing, there are medications and lifestyle tips that can ultimately help alleviate the pain and make living with this condition more manageable. In this article, you’ll learn how to manage arthritis pain? It’s All About the Heat

How to manage arthritis pain? Heat can certainly alleviate stiffness and pain, especially in the joints. It can also aid after a long night sleep or long periods of inactivity. According to experts, heat can improve one’s pain tolerance and can also relax the muscles and joints. These won’t eliminate the condition, but it can definitely reduce the pain that it brings. This is why heat treatment is a standard part of options for physical therapists and arthritis patients.  

There are also different ways on how you can do heat treatment at home. You can easily do that by showering with lukewarm water or using a heating pad. Researchers also note that having moist heat is more effective than dry heat. This is why you will probably be better off using a heat damp towel which you can easily heat in like a microwave, and this could be use if you’re experiencing joint pains. You can also try using heated blankets or sleep using the heated mattress, if the pain becomes really intense and discomforting.   

Move It, Move It!

How to manage arthritis pain? The pain that an arthritic patient feels when the muscles are stiff may not be good for exercising but it’s actually the opposite. It’s essential that you do exercises and keep your body physically active or fit. The key however is to keep it light. Patients suffering from arthritis are still recommended to exercise but only do light physical activities such as yoga and walking. This will enable you to become more flexible and also fix motion issues. Other light activities also include using treadmill and swimming. You can also do strength training but make sure that the intensity of the routines will not injure you or put a strain on your muscles too much.

Physical activity prevents patients from increasing stiffness by not moving, it can also help in having a healthy lifestyle and loss of weight. Managing your weight is crucial especially if you are diagnosed with any type of arthritis. This is because being obese or overweight puts additional pressure on your joints. In addition to the light exercises mentioned earlier, you can also do Tai Chi, golf and Pilates to name a few.  

The Right Approach

How to manage arthritis pain? The right approach when it comes to exercise for arthritis patients is by modifying certain activities. It’s best that you start slow and go slow. Keep the momentum and adjust if necessary. Stay active and keep in mind that the activities you need to engage in should be something that your joint or current condition can handle. Make sure to also find a safe place or stay safe by asking assistance from a professional or a physical therapist to guide you in properly doing these exercises. You may want to also talk to your doctor first on what’s the best exercise regimen for you.  

Pain Management Pre and Post – Exercises

How to manage arthritis pain? Some tips on what to do during and after doing routines to manage the initial pain caused by arthritis include adjusting quickly as you see fit. You may need to exercise fewer days per week or fewer minutes per session. Switch to exercises that put less pressure on the joints. Be sure to include a proper warm-up and cool-down routine in your exercise plan. Keep your pace comfortable while exercising and of course wear comfy shoes.

There’s No “Magic Food”

How to manage arthritis pain? There’s no such thing as a magic food or even a magic pill that will cure any type of arthritis or any type of disease for that matter. However, it’s very important to watch what you eat as this will certainly minimize symptoms, and keep your body healthy for the long term. Physicians recommend eating foods that are inflammatory to avoid joint inflammation.  

Inflammation happens because it is the body’s response to external objects that can cause harm. Externally, inflammation is often be seen as swelling and redness on the skin but just like with the case of arthritis, it can certainly happen inside the body. Diet is a huge factor that contributes to internal inflammation that is the main symptom of arthritis.

Anti – Inflammatory Foods

Some foods have anti – inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation including leafy greens like spinach, kale, strawberries, blueberries, salmon, healthy fats, walnuts, tomatoes, and olive oil.  How to manage arthritis pain? There are certain foods that can cause inflammatory response so just be mindful of what you’re eating. In general, you should avoid “junk food” and try not to regularly consume these types of foods. You can still eat some but make sure to do so moderately if you can’t totally avoid it. These can include sugar – sweetened beverages, desserts, pastries, red meat, cereals, fast foods, fried foods, processed meats and the likes.

Sleep is Underrated

I’m sure you’ve known this but it’s worth repeating because it’s not just applicable to patients with arthritis, it’s also applicable to your general health. Sleep is very underrated but it’s as important as exercise and balanced meals. If you have a good night sleep, it can increase your chances of being in a good mood, and you’ll have enough energy to do physical activities and stick to a healthy diet.  

According to the National Sleep Foundation, “Research shows that all mammals need sleep, and that sleep regulates mood and is related to learning and memory functions. Not only will getting your zzzs help you perform on a test, learn a new skill or help you stay on task, but it may also be a critical factor in your health, weight and energy level.”

How to manage arthritis pain? Little did a lot of people know is that sleep also affects one’s diet. You need to maintain a proper sleep schedule as this will lead to having sleeping during the day. It can also lessen the chance of you consuming unhealthy foods just to boost your energy in the afternoon.

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