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As a man gets older, the erections may take a bit longer to develop and may not be as firm as it needs to be for intercourse. The man may need a more direct touch to the penis to maintain the erection. This may indicate an underlying health problem or can be a result of a mediation being taken. There are other aspects that can raise the risk of Erectile Dysfunction.

  • Medical Problems: In most cases when it comes to medical issues that cause Erectile Dysfunction, it is typically diabetes or heart problems.
  • Obesity: This is a normal cause for Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Smoking: Tobacco restricts the blood flow to your veins and arteries. Over some time it can cause a lot of chronic health conditions that will also lead to Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Specific Medical Treatments: There are treatments that will cause Erectile Dysfunction. One treatment is for prostate surgery or even radiation treatment for different types of cancer.
  • Injuries: There are different injuries that can cause Erectile Dysfunction. If there is damage to nerves or to the arteries that control an erection, then the male will be subjected to Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Prescribed Medications: There are medicines that will cause this issue. Medications like antidepressants, high blood pressure medicine, and antihistamines can cause Erectile Dysfunction. Some others include pain medicine and prostate medicines.
  • Psychological Issues: Stress, depression, and even anxiety can cause Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Drug Use and Alcohol Use: These items can cause issues with muscles, mental condition, and nerves, among other aspects of getting an erection.
  • Bicycling: Prolonged bicycling can cause the nerves to become compressed and will affect the blood flow to a man’s penis. It can lead to a temporary issue or even a permanent issue.

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