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What’s the best exercise for seniors with Arthritis? There are different types of arthritis that are related to genetics and also lifestyle but there are also other forms that are classified as chronic illness and autoimmune disorders. What’s the best exercise for seniors with Arthritis? The good news for seniors is that even if that is the case, there are ways to alleviate the pain through proper care and some good ol’ exercise for older adults. In this article, you’ll learn what’s the best exercise for seniors with Arthritis?

Treatment and Exercise

What’s the best exercise for seniors with Arthritis? Arthritis is an illness that attacks the bones and joints of the body. There are different symptoms that usually come up but unfortunately, the best that medicine can do is to alleviate these symptoms because there is still no cure for any one form of this disease.  The different types of arthritis have its own diagnosis, process and prescription. But when it comes to research, a patient can do a lot of things that can be applicable to all the spectrum of arthritis in order to at least eliminate or reduce the pain.

As with anything else related to illness, eating a balanced diet and exercise can ultimately make an impact in alleviating the symptoms of arthritis. Getting enough sleep as well as losing some weight is also important especially if you are obese. Of course, all require effort and the willingness to change some life-long habits in the interest of feeling better.

What’s the best exercise for seniors with Arthritis? It’s also essential for those who are diagnosed to learn the best way to manage the physical limitations that arthritis presents. Some examples when it comes to day – to – day living include wearing the right shoes, using a cane if necessary, or getting some help from a physical therapist on how to properly align the body and stretch to help with mobility.

Easy Exercise for Seniors with Arthritis

What’s the best exercise for seniors with Arthritis? When it comes to exercise, it usually depends on what you want to improve on. You can do some experiment but once you find out that routine that you like, it’s good to stick to it so you can become consistent.

If you have a chronic illness like arthritis, make sure to talk to your physician or perhaps a physical therapist first before doing any kind of exercise routine. You should also note any kind of issues like injuries, limited range or balance that you could be experiencing. You can definitely alleviate the pain and even become flexible overtime. What’s the best exercise for seniors with Arthritis? Here are some specific types of exercise that you can try but make sure that you first consult your doctor if this is something you can do given the type of arthritis condition you have.


What’s the best exercise for seniors with Arthritis? Swimming like simply walking in the pool or even doing a water aerobics can definitely help senior patients with arthritis. It can improve your muscles and also your cardiovascular system. When one gains muscle strength, you can inevitably reduce the stress in the bones and joints.


What’s the best exercise for seniors with Arthritis? If you don’t know anything about yoga and don’t know what type of yoga is best for you, then you should perhaps consult your doctor or maybe attend a yoga class. Make sure to tell the yoga instructor that you have arthritis so that they can guide you when you’re making different positions and also be aware of your limitations. When doing yoga, just keep your eyes on your own mat and be very gentle with each movement.

Resistance Band Workouts

What’s the best exercise for seniors with Arthritis? You can also do some Do – It – Yourself workouts like stretching tools such as resistance band workouts. These tools are good for working out at the gym or even at your home. They are also very easy to use. Working with bands can help you challenge your muscles in ways you might not be able to do otherwise. You can improve your posture, strengthen your back and become flexible in your shoulder and joint areas.  


What’s the best exercise for seniors with Arthritis? Perhaps walking is the easiest, most natural and best way to exercise – for all ages. Just put on comfy shoes and you’re good to go! As with every type of exercise, it’s up to you on how long you can walk. You can start small and just do 15 to 30 minutes a day before notching it up to maybe an hour or so. The point is to do it again tomorrow and the next day. Make sure to slowly building up your distance and time spent outdoors. Walking is the ultimate form of exercise as it works on a cardiovascular level, strengthens bones, can support increased flexibility, and general well – being.

Activities for Arthritis Patients

What’s the best exercise for seniors with Arthritis? There are a few boundaries for seniors who are diagnosed with arthritis. You need to make sure that the activity is as enjoyable even if there is some limitations. Be aware of what you can and can’t do. Here are some activities you can do with your loved ones:


As mentioned earlier, you may want to attend a yoga class or a Tai Chi class. You can do some type of exercise with a family member so that they can give you some support and also help alleviate pain from arthritis.


This is something that can also be a form of physical activity. Whether you have an actual garden or just tending to some plants at home; there is surely something that needs to be done and care for.  


Preparing and cooking by yourself or with a loved one is not just sweet but also physically challenging which is good for your joints! Keep in mind though that chopping things can be hard when one have hand arthritis.

Arthritis – Friendly Gifts for Your Seniors  

What’s the best exercise for seniors with Arthritis? When it comes to gift giving, it can be quite hard to think of something useful if your loved one has an arthritis. Fortunately, there are some gifts to give that are practical, and helpful to alleviate some of the work especially if they have joint problems. Do you have achy hands, fingers, shoulders, elbows, hips or knees? Are you in pain and discomfort? Are your joints stiff and swollen? Is it making common tasks difficult to do?

Whether you’re suffering from arthiritis, tendonitis or bursitis, here’s some must-have products, new and old, to ease your suffering and help with everyday living right away.

Automatic Jar Opener

This will come in handy even if you don’t have an arthritis! If your loved one has a hand arthritis, then this item can be of great help around the kitchen. Giving them an automatic jar opener can make your seniors eat their favorite preserves without needing the help of anyone! Now that’s how you beat hand arthritis!

Folding Cane

Canes are very useful for elderly but it can be better if it’s easily foldable and portable so that they easily carry it wherever they go and put it easily into their cars. Folding cane will certainly help them walk a little longer without using an extra support. This type of item is also discrete and useful for one who doesn’t necessarily need a cane all the time.

Smart Table Lamp

This generally makes a good gift for everyone. Who would have thought that reaching a lamp to switch it on or off can be such a pain for those with arthritis? No worries now! If you give them a smart table lamp, all they need to do is touch the base and voila! It turns these lamps on and when you’re ready off.

Ergonomic Gadgets

Nowadays, everything is ergonomic! You can find it in kitchen tools, office equipment, household materials and other accessories. If your loved one with arthritis has a need for a gadget, consider the ergonomic version first.

Arthritis Gloves

This is something that can be comfy to wear all day, every day!  These items are usually made out of cotton and specifically made for people with hand arthritis. It can provide the compression amount to help alleviate joint swellings and relieves pain.  

Phone Popsockets

Pop sockets function as handles for smart phones. You just need attach to your phone or table to make it easier to grip and hold. Perfect for people with hand arthritis.

Pain Relief Cream

Relief creams for those with arthritis can be such a great help because it relieves arthritis pain with hot/ cold sensations as it attacks the inflammation of the joints.

Gel Ice Packs

Gel ice packs can safely help contour small joints. This item is very durable and can also be heated. It also uses a medical grade plastic and cloth.

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