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Every person goes through life’s ups and downs. Depression has been a prevalent mental illness that has plagued people from all ages, race, cultures and walks of life. Depression can be caused by significant loneliness, stressful events, challenges and change. Not everyone can bounce back easily from these situations and individuals can suffer prolonged bouts of sadness, emptiness, and isolation. Depressed people show symptoms of frustration, irritability, and apathy. They lose interest in normal activities that used to bring the pleasure. They have sleeping problems, low energy levels and poor appetite. Depression causes them to think of suicide or death. Not everyone can be easily diagnosed with depression as there are many levels and forms of this mental condition.

However, you don’t have to be exhibiting these symptoms daily for 14 consecutive days in order for you to seek help. You have the choice and the power to stop this downward spiral before it gets worse. You can address it holistically and naturally.

Here is an example of a holistic assessment when it comes to addressing depression:

  • Stressful situations can cause you to feel down and depressed.
  • When your physical body is weak due to lack of sleep or poor nutrition, you will find it hard to face challenges of life with strength and positivity.
  • When you are spiritually disconnected, your soul is frail and you cannot make positive choices. Hence, you suffer mentally and emotionally.
  • When there is an imbalance in the financial, social and environmental factors of your life, it is not hard for you to become depressed.

You see, the condition (depression) should be viewed as a holistic concern and not as a problem of one part of your life. Everything is interconnected; when you understand that you can bring healing and health to the whole person as well. Here are three simple, natural steps you can take to manage depression and eventually bring back balance to your life or your loved ones who are suffering from it.

Change your diet.

You need to know that when you take in foods that have high sugar and simple carbohydrates (white rice, white cereal, white bread, pastries, sweets, refined sugars), you can experience abnormal levels of blood sugar. A significant spike or drop in levels will cause you to experience low energy, mood swings and aggravated depressive symptoms.

Stock up on Vitamin B.

B Vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12) is important in maintaining a good level of energy in your body as well as your temper. These vitamins help synthesize neurotransmitters with help regulate hormones that control moods. Get vitamin B naturally from green leafy vegetables, avocados bananas and sunflower seeds. You can consult with a doctor if you need to take additional Vitamin B supplements as well.

Get acupuncture therapy.

Instead of antidepressant medicines, go for acupuncture. Studies have shown that people suffering from depression that were treated for 6 weeks with acupuncture showed significant improvements. You may need more than one acupuncture session, and make sure that you go to a licensed and trusted practitioner. However, for severe cases of depression, a different kind of treatment may be necessary.

Note: Depression and symptoms of depression is not a normal part of life. When it is affecting the quality of your life and your relationships, it is best to seek professional help for a detailed diagnosis and proper treatment options.

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