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Some cases of spasmodic and recurring torticollis are more aggravating than debilitating. These less severe occurrences can be aided by a range of home remedies for torticollis.

Heat application is universally helpful to reduce pain. Standing under a warm shower targets the heat directly on the affected muscle and if the shower head is outfitted with a pulsating attachment, also offers the benefit of a light massage.

Twisted neck can be aggravated by sitting for long periods of time while reading or working at a desk. Try investing in a wearable; battery-operated neck massage device or apply re-usable heat packs.

Try to take breaks while you work; moving your head and shrugging your shoulders repeatedly to loosen up the muscles. Try not to hold a telephone between your neck and shoulder while talking. Use an earpiece instead.

Always use a pillow when traveling or in any situation where you are likely to doze off in a seated position. This not only subjects your neck to an unnatural angle, but to sudden jerks when you come awake.

Buy good quality pillows for sleeping at night, and make sure you are getting an adequate amount of rest. Stress and tension that settles in the muscles of the neck and shoulders makes torticollis worse.

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