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Before knowing the correct home remedies for high blood pressure, you need to know the numbers of your blood pressure, so you can manage and monitor these things. The blood pressure would be represented with two numbers. The amount of pressure in your arteries when your heart is beating is called the top systolic number. While the bottom diastolic number is when the rest between heartbeats.

To know if you have high blood pressure, it should have a systolic pressure of 140mmHg or even higher couple with a diastolic pressure of 90mmHg or even higher and when these numbers stay high for most of the time. You would know that you have pre-hypertension if the systolic pressure is between 120 to 139 and the diastolic pressure is around 80 to 89. Now, the normal blood pressure is considered to having a systolic pressure of 120 or even lower and a diastolic pressure of 80 or lower.

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Home remedies for high blood pressure is a good way to go, especially managing high blood pressure can be very expensive. Prescription medicine, missed days of work, as well as dietary requirements, would surely add all up. Natural remedies for high blood is a way to fix this problem and is a popular alternative for most patients. However, we are not really recommending you to skip your medicine, however, these are some home remedies for high blood pressure:


A known home remedy for high blood pressure is the asparagus. This vegetable is considered the king in Germany. Aside from that, this vegetable is good for the brain and also iron intake. Combined with the asparagine and amino acid, it will help our body get rid of fluids. This will flush out compounds such as salts during the process. These benefits would make the blood pressure normal.

Coconut water

Potassium is contained in the coconut water. This is good for calming down the nerves. Research shows that water may help lower blood pressure levels as high as 71%. But, you need to know that not all coconut waters are equal, some are filled with sugar. You need to look for brands such as Vita coco that is made out of 100% coconut water.


One cup of this beetroot juice could possibly help reduce arterial stiffness as well as blood pressure, according to some researches. The arterial stiffness would be the lead cause of the increment systolic pressure. In our body, the nitrate in the beets is converted to nitric oxide. There are studies that show that this oxide plays a big part in regulating blood pressure.

Virgin coconut oil

Another great home remedies for high blood pressure is the virgin coconut oil. This oil has reached its superfood status due to its benefits. It is very popular because of its antioxidant contents as well as benefits on the cardiovascular system although it is made of 90% saturated fat. Other sources of this fat would include butter, meat, full-fat dairy products, and cheese.

Aside from the aforementioned things, the VCO has lipid-lowering powers and anti-inflammatory properties. The fats, lipids, are processed by our liver. It includes triglycerides and cholesterol. Both of these things could pose a big problem for our cardiovascular health, especially if left unmanaged. The virgin coconut oil, the unrefined kind, is also known to boost high-density lipoprotein (HDL) Cholesterol. This cholesterol is a healthy variety.

Some researchers noted that VCO needs more testing to know better about these findings. However, virgin coconut oils show great signs to fight against cardiovascular disease.


The highest amount of antioxidants coupled with other heart-friendly nutrients such as magnesium and potassium are found in pistachios. This nut could also lower your systolic blood pressure. People who consume these tree nuts such as cashews, pistachios, and macadamia nuts and nuts could help lower the risks of having metabolic syndromes. The syndromes involve cardiovascular disease as well as type 2 diabetes.


Mauby bark is another home remedy for high blood pressure that some people might not be familiar with. This bark is popular in the Caribbean and is known to decrease the systolic pressure by as much as 40%. It is easily found in the ethnic food section of our supermarkets, aside from that, you could also purchase this online. You can process this bark by boiling and sweetening with sugar, anise, and cinnamon. You could also mix the mauby tea with coconut water to make a great tea.

Coffee and alcohol

It may be a great time now to switch to decaf if you know you have high blood pressure. A study by London, Ontario’s Western University, in connection with the Lawson Health Institute has stated that even one cup of coffee will adversely affect blood pressure test results and could reduce the effectiveness of some blood pressure medication.

If you modify your intake of alcohol that you intake, it could also prevent high blood pressure. It is recommended by the American Heart Association that women should limit their alcohol consumption to no more than one drink a day while men to two drinks a day.


Among the list of home remedies for high blood pressure is doing exercise. You should have this exercise for at least three to four moderately intense 40- minute workout a week. This is to control your high blood pressure as well as hypertension. You can also monitor the steps that you take in a day to keep you moving, this is also a great home remedy.

Lessening the sodium intake could also be considered a home remedy for high blood pressure. This is supported by scientific evidence. You should have a well-balanced diet to lower your sodium that would prevent hypertension. This is one of the components of a healthy diet that would bring down your blood pressure levels.

You can also try putting low-fat dairy products and you could also add nuts, beans, and seeds in your diet.

You could also eat poultry without its skin and lean meat instead of the higher fat options. You should eat fish regularly too. If you plan to cook at home, make sure to use less oil. In cooking with less oil, you could also grill, steam, roast, bake, pan or boil, this is to ensure that your dishes should lower in fat.

The above mentioned things are the home remedies for high blood pressure, another thing that you need to do is doing a visual checkup and choose cooked food items that do not look greasy, especially if you eat out. Do not eat deep fried, oil food and dishes with lots of gravies that have oil floating in them.

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