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Asthma is not just a disease that every child can outgrow. It can also be carried throughout adulthood and until the senior years. What’s even worse is that as the person grows older, the lungs and body may get weaker and the asthma can be harder to combat.

Don’t worry though, if you have suffered from asthma all your life and until your golden years, it’s probably safe to assume that you have successfully triumphed over it and have overcome it. It may not be completely eradicated but if you continuously follow the doctor’s recommendation, keep a healthy diet and a happy mindset you can control this disease.

Sometimes older people who didn’t have asthma growing up may find themselves developing it later in life; the cause for this is not yet known but it can probably be associated with the weakening of the body’s immune system as one ages or perhaps it’s because of being constantly expose in different environments over the years that eventually triggers allergies and asthma.

Diagnosis of Asthma in Older Adults

You’re not alone though, according to many surveys there’s a lot of people over the age of 60 that have been recently diagnose with asthma across the United States, for some they have been already diagnose since they were young and may have carried it through but for other it has recently developed even without medical history of asthma or allergies.

The downside of being diagnosed with asthma at a later age is that it could be difficult to treat since most seniors or older people may have other diseases or special concerns. When it comes to treatment, older people may experience more side effects from medicines than that of younger patients.

If you have just been recently diagnosed with asthma along with other health concerns or if this is something that you have carried through during your younger years, it’s always important to have a regular checkup so that you doctor can monitor your condition and prevent any asthma attack or symptoms.

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