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What triggers OCD? To some the thought of touching something another person has touched utterly repulses them because of contamination fear. Others see disorder when things are not facing a certain manner or arranged according to their order bringing to mind Monica Geller and her obsession about having everything in its place to keep her world in order. 

People with OCD may attempt to stop these obsessions but it just heightens their anxiety and distress driving them to carry out acts of compulsion to ease out their stress and smooth the kinks often centering on themes privy to them or to select people closest to them. One thing common amongst OCD patients is their fear of losing it and losing control of themselves, but this is so far from the truth. Historically, people with OCD are not capable of actually carrying out unimaginable violence. 

There are a number of reasons and theories to the onset of OCD in individuals. There are those who say that it is a genetic disorder inherited from one generation to another. Then there are experts who say that the behavioral disorder is acquired after a sudden, often traumatic experience and is used by an individual as a way to cope with the anxiety driven situation and inadvertently cause episodes thereafter. 

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