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Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airways in our lungs. Resulting in making everyday activities physically harder and challenging, and those who are diagnosed with this have to really commit to bettering themselves so that they can live life as normal as most people are doing.

Asthma management and lifestyle approaches are unfortunately not a one-size-fits-all that will fit all those who are battling with it. We live our lives differently, with different sets of circumstances, environments,s and at the same time, privileges. However, trying these lifestyle changes and observing if they will suit your lifestyle well can be a great thing to do, and guaranteed that will make your life more alive, at ease, comfortable, and healthy. If you find that some are hard to incorporate, it is not a problem as well, just take your time exploring these lifestyle changes, take what works and neglect what is not. 

Minimize your exposure to the allergens you have or irritants that are likely to trigger your asthma. As we all know, allergens might initiate asthma symptoms, this is why lessening your exposure might help. 

Being mindful of your own warning signs. Living with asthma might also mean dealing with some unfortunate problems such as shortness of breath and wheezing, difficulty sleeping, chest pain or tightening, using your bronchodilators more often than usual, frequent coughing, more often at night. If you happen to experience any of these, do not overlook and neglect it, as if it is just a minor thing, instead of do the right thing by consulting your physician with regards to these and in no time, it will be treated making your life more bearable and healthy. 

Exercise is a great way to improve a person’s health, its benefits range from improving one’s mental and physical aspects.

Moreover, it is proven to lessen those stubborn asthma attacks. Consult your physician as to how you can incorporate exercise in your life first to ensure that there will be no implications that might occur. Afterward, these tips can follow and be helpful

  • Conducting a great asthma control before exercising
  • Conducting at least ten minutes of warm up exercise. Settle for walking or low intensity activities. 
  • Avoiding your triggers, exposure to the allergens you may have, irritants, high pollution levels and pollen when you are about or already conducting physical activity. 
  • Do incremental changes. Start slowly and small then gradually build the intensity of whatever exercise you wish to incorporate in your lifestyle. This will work best, and will train your resistance effectively. 

If you are with asthma, and you are overweight or obese. Losing weight can help you in order for you to live a more manageable and healthy life because obesity makes asthma harder to manage. This will improve taking control over your symptoms. 

Getting a yearly flu vaccine. Asthma, unfortunately, leads to a higher risk of having flu-related problems. Getting vaccinated yearly will help minimize the risk and increase protection. 

Do not smoke, or quit smoking. Smoking, in general; does not have a single benefit to us, and smoking with asthma will make those symptoms much worse. Seek help if you are having trouble quitting smoking. 

Minimize stress and manage your strong emotions. Stress and strong emotions might trigger your asthma symptoms. It is important to mitigate those by handling them, when you are feeling stressed; take a step back, think through the situation; and mindfully drop those stressors that do not serve you and find solutions to those that are important to you. Make time for spending things you love doing and bring you comfort, this will alleviate your stress. Strong emotions can be dealt with by paying attention to your breathing and being mindful and present.

Have a healthy balanced diet. As the saying goes, eat well, for you to breathe well. Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals; and antioxidants that are helpful in improving your lung health and can help in minimizing the occurrence of your asthma symptoms. Eating fishes help with asthma too. Aim for a great serving of fruits and vegetables every day alongside lean meats and you are guaranteed to be holistically healthy. 

Prioritize having a good night’s sleep every day. Getting sufficient sleep is the very key solution to enhancing the overall health of a person, and robbing them will make their immune system struggle, affecting our lung health; thus triggering asthma symptoms. Train your body to have sleep hygiene, where you wake up and sleep at the same time consistently and it will reward you for doing so.   

Take your required medications, regularly and as stated by your physician. 

Remember that healthy choices always yield healthy outcomes and the choice is always yours. Take control over your life and do not let asthma discourage you for a very achievable healthy life. As always, taking the first is always the hardest, but trust that everything will follow eventually. Take our advice, and be mindful of what it brings to you. Take what suits your current life situation best and the rest will take care of itself. Health is wealth, and you should invest in that. 

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