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There are various health effects of secondhand smoke and this is because being exposed to secondhand smoke obviously will make a person vulnerable with various serious diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancers, lung problems, syndromes and even sudden death. There are about 55,000 people in United States alone who die every year because of being exposed to secondhand smoke. The most vulnerable target is young children, infants and unborn babies because their bodies are not yet fully grown.

For people with asthma who smoke or have been regularly exposed to secondhand smoke, they’ll be more prone to having asthma attacks since their airways can get inflamed and are sensitive.

These are the possible harmful chemicals that one can inhale through secondhand smoke:

  • benzopyrene
  • methane
  • nitro amines
  • benzene
  • arsenic
  • carbon monoxide
  • cadmium
  • aniline
  • polonium
  • formaldehyde

Here are the health effects of secondhand smoke for both adults and children or infants:

Secondhand Smoke Effects For Adults:

  • It’s one of the primary cause of lung cancer and pneumonia
  • Adults are at risk of also getting nasal sinus cancer
  • Adults can suffer heart attacks, major heart diseases and even stroke
  • Adults not diagnosed with asthma can develop one because secondhand smoke usually irritates the bronchial area which can lead to developing asthma symptoms and making the lungs weak.
  • When exposed to secondhand smoke, most adults experiences irritations in the eyes or nose.

Side Effects For Infants and Children

Children or babies that are constantly exposed can be expected to experience frequent and severe asthma symptoms or attacks.

  • Secondhand smoke will also make healthy children develop other lung problems like pneumonia and respiratory infections or worst lung cancer.
  • Children constantly exposed to secondhand smoke are at high risk of developing middle ear infections.
  • Unborn babies and infants are at risk of fatality if they’ve been constantly exposed to secondhand smoke or if their mothers are smoking throughout the pregnancy. They can suffer SIDS or the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Smoking and being constantly exposed to secondhand smoke can affect the growth and birth weight of infants and also develop abnormalities.

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