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What exercises are good for babies with torticollis? The torticollis is an uncontrolled tightening of the neck muscles triggered by poor stance when resting or when utilizing the computer system, for instance, triggering discomfort in one side of the neck which may lead to difficulty in moving your head. What exercises are good for babies with torticollis? It prevails for you to awaken with torticollis as well as have problem relocating your neck. In some instances the muscles obtain so limited that the individual cannot move the neck to either side or walks like a ‘robot’. In this article, you’ll learn the answer to your question, what exercises are good for babies with torticollis?

Simple Exercises and Workouts for Your Baby

Doing these extending workouts, carrying your child properly, and correctly positioning the kid for play can assist to deal with torticollis. The most effective place for extending exercises is carpeted flooring. Position your kid on his back. If you’re resting on the floor, you can position the child in your lap, with the youngster on his back as well as knees put.

Side Bending

Position your RIGHT hand in addition to the RIGHT side of your kid’s head. Hold your youngster’s RIGHT shoulder down with your LEFT hand. Gradually flex his LEFT ear towards his LEFT shoulder. Hold this placement for 30 sec, as endured by the child. Repeat 2 – 4 times. Do this workout 3 – 4 times a day.


Place your LEFT hand on your youngster’s LEFT shoulder. Cup your youngster’s head with the RIGHT-HAND. Use your LEFT hand to hold your youngster’s chin. Gradually turn your youngster’s nose to his RIGHT shoulder. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Repeat 2 – 4 times. Do this exercise 3 – 4 times a day.

Positioning For Play

Playing while existing on his side (side-lying): This setting allows gravity to do a few of the job of extending the neck as well as bringing the hands to the center of the body. Bringing hands to the center is an essential action for feeding, hand-eye control, and various other areas of your youngster’s development.

Playing On His Stomach

When your youngster is awake, it is essential he be positioned on his belly for play. This assists him discover to control his head motions. When your child gets on his tummy on the floor, area all toys so he needs to turn his face to the RIGHT. You can assist him turn his face to the left while he plays on his belly.

Carrying Your Child

Hold the child encountering away from you, in a side-lying setting, with your kid’s RIGHT ear resting versus your RIGHT forearm. Obtain your forearm between the youngster’s ear as well as shoulder to aid extend the limited muscular tissues. You can use your lower arm to lift your child’s head far from the shoulder to obtain a side – bending stretch. Position your LEFT arm in between your child’s legs and also support your youngster’s body as well as grasp her best shoulder with your left hand. Lug your youngster in this placement as high as possible. If your child doesn’t endure the side-bending stretch well on her back, you can use this setting to extend the limited muscular tissues.

Right Torticollis

  • Hold toys to ensure that your youngster needs to search for and also out to his RIGHT.
  • Placement your youngster in the baby cribs so tasks in the space encourage her to look RIGHT.
  • While breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your child, setting him to face RIGHT.
  • While holding your child across your shoulder, place her to deal with RIGHT.
  • When not in the car, do not use the automobile seat as a location to put your kid for playtime.
  • Your doctor or therapist can show you methods to use rolled-up child coverings and also towels to assist keep your youngster’s head in a neutral position.
  • If your youngster is prepared and it is indicated, a physical specialist can show you exactly how to urge him to proactively relocate his head to strengthen and also extend the neck muscle mass.

Equipment You Can Use

Boppy Pillow

Can be used to motivate Tummy Time, positioning in supine to unload stress on head or aiding with sidelying play. Excellent nursing assistance to advertise symmetric head rotation! Can additionally be a great tool for sustained sitting method when youngster is ready.

Boppy Tummy Time Pillow 

Features like a bolster to promote youngster’s energetic head/neck control while targeting upper body fortifying. Great for Stomach Time as well as propping during Side lying play!

Incline Ramp 

Encourages active play during tummy time. Utilize the incline to promote neck and also upper body toughness while enabling hands totally free to manipulate toys.

Therapy Ball

Among one of the most practical items of Torticollis Treatment Equipment! Can be used to assist in Stomach Time, weight changing, righting reactions, postural control, address head/neck stamina and series of motion!       

Incline Wedge

To challenge trunk strength/stability in supported resting and also shoulder strength/stability in prone propping. Great for weight shifting, balance responses and also motivating active variety of movement!

Activity Gym

Motivates Stomach Time, advertises head/neck strength, offloads stress on head and motivates energetic series of movement!

Baby Mirror 

Wonderful incentive for Stomach Time as well as Sidelying play!

Colorful Links

Advertises aesthetic monitoring, energetic series of movement, and also hand-eye sychronisation.

O-Ball Rattle

Urge realizing as well as visual tracking as we resolve variety of activity and head/neck toughness!


Helpful Belly Time incentive, motivating upper body activation, extension as well as active variety of motion!

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