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What causes blood pressure in the morning? High blood pressure usually goes up when we first wake up because of the body’s typical circadian rhythm. Our body clock is a 24 – hour cycle that impacts our sleep or wake patterns. What causes blood pressure in the morning? In the early morning, the body launches hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenaline. These hormonal agents create an increase of energy; however it can additionally elevate your blood pressure. Increase in blood pressure in the morning is generally seen in between 6AM and noontime.In this article, you’ll learn what causes blood pressure in the morning?

What Happens When You Have Morning Hypertension

What causes blood pressure in the morning? Individuals with high blood pressure that particularly experience early morning hypertension have a greater threat of stroke, compared to other hypertensive individuals without morning hypertension. High blood stress can create a stroke, which is an abrupt loss of brain functions due to the absence of blood supply. There are two kinds of stroke; schemic or hemorrhagic. A stroke triggered by an embolism is called an ischemic stroke. Ischemic strokes are one of the most common, creating 85% of the 600,000 strokes that occur every year. Hemorrhagic strokes occur when a blood vessel ruptures in the mind.

What causes blood pressure in the morning? Early morning hypertension can additionally increase the likelihood of heart problems and blood vessel issues. It can also greatly affect your heart’s rhythm, which can lead to heart failure. Make certain to go to the doctor if you experience symptoms such as severe migraine, chest pain, and also feeling numb or prickling in your face or arms.

How to Know If You Have Morning Hypertension?

What causes blood pressure in the morning? Medical professionals recommend that patients check their blood pressure levels in order to determine monitor morning hypertension. You can buy a BP monitor without a prescription at your local pharmacy. There are lots of equipment brands and designs, consisting of automated as well as manual type. When purchasing a BP monitor for at – home use, make sure to pick the appropriate cuff size that matches the girth your upper arm. This is in order to prevent incorrect blood stress analysis if an inaccurate cuff dimension is used. You should also consider whether you want an automatic or manual inflation cuff with your monitor.

How to Use a BP Monitor?

Your high blood pressure must be conducted in the early morning, about an hour after you wake up; as well as in the evening, or an hour prior to you going to sleep, making use of the same arm each time. What causes blood pressure in the morning? Try to take 3 consecutive reading (about a minute interval) in order to provide an accurate understanding of your “true” blood pressure reading. Make sure to stay clear of food, caffeine, or cigarette at least an hour before taking the reading. Sit in a chair with your legs and also ankles uncrossed as well as your back sustained. Your arm ought to go to the same degree as your heart and also relaxed on a table or counter.

What causes blood pressure in the morning? Maintain a log of all your readings. Make sure to bring your logs every time you consult a doctor so that he or she knows your typical blood pressure readings. Your physician may make modifications in your medicines based on your readings, which may consist of adjusting the time you take your medicine or the type of medication that you should take.

Tips on Measuring Blood Pressure

What causes blood pressure in the morning? Regular use of blood pressure equipment can help patients better comprehend their hypertension fluctuations. It can additionally help people to recognize episodes of morning hypertension. The American Heart Organization (AHA) advises making use of a cuff-style blood stress display. These screens are a lot more trusted than screens that affix to the finger or wrist.


  • Take analysis at the exact same time every day.
  • Sit with the back straight, legs uncrossed, and also feet flat on the floor.
  • Rest the arm on a flat surface area to ensure that the upper arm goes to the level of the heart.
  • Find the cuff on the arm to ensure that the bottom of the cuff is straight above the joint fold.
  • Best to take 3 readings with 1 minute interval, and also compute the average value.
  • Maintain a record of all your readings, as this can help your doctor find the best medication for you.


A healthy way of living means having a healthy diet regimen, avoidance of cigarettes as well as alcohol, and also consistent exercise will certainly help to prevent having high blood pressure in the morning.

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