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What are the best lice shampoos? Lice are very small insects living on the scalp and in the hair. They are very common in children especially in the ages 4 to 11. If your child often spends time around older children, it would be easy catch lice. What are the best lice shampoos? Lice cannot jump, fly, or swim. They feed exclusively on human blood. To contract lice, head-to-head contact is needed, to clamber from one head full of hair to another. So long as there is hair, it is possible to get lice. What are the best lice shampoos? They are not a sign of poor hygiene but are simply infestations. Since head lice need human blood to survive, they die quickly when they fall away from the scalp.

How can you tell if your child has head lice?

What are the best lice shampoos? If your child has dark hair, it would be harder to detect head lice. They can camouflage in the hair incredibly well. So you would have to look at other indications, the most obvious being that your child scratches their head a lot. They may also be more irritable than usual, especially if the lice keep them awake at night and thus they are unable to get proper rest, resulting to cranky behavior.

Here are some of the best shampoos to deal with lice infestations.

Best value for budget: Mata Piojos

There are some ridiculously expensive lice treatments that although are effective would burn a hole on your pocket. But there are some less costly options out there that are just as successful in dealing with lice. Mata Piojos, which literally translates to Kill Lice, is a tried-and-tested lice treatment that can work even better than the leading brands. Its active ingredient is pyrethrum, which kills active insects.

Mata Piojos must be used twice to ensure complete elimination of lice. It doesn’t kill eggs so the second application must be done 7 to 10 days after the first.

Best single application treatment: Sklice

What are the best lice shampoos? It is understandable to want a one-and-done solution to head lice. After all, you just want to get it over with and remove all the lice and their eggs in one single sweep. Sklice is the treatment you will need; it is a prescription-strength lice shampoo that contains Ivermectin. To date, it is the only lice shampoo on the market that could effectively kill lice in all stages of their life cycle without needed to be reapplied a week or so after the first application.

To get Sklice, you will need a prescription. It is very effective and nit combing won’t be necessary at all. All the lice and their eggs would be killed upon contact. Despite its strength, Sklice can be safely used on children as young as six months old as well!

Best pesticide-free treatment: Lice Clinics

What are the best lice shampoos? If you want a lice treatment without the pesticides, Lice Clinics of America has the answer for you. The active ingredient in this treatment is dimethicone, which is especially formulated to kill adult lice only. You would need to use a nit comb to clear out the nits leftover. You would also need to diligently apply the treatment a second time after a week to ensure that all the lice will be eliminated. The treatment bottle is enough for two applications, so there is no hassle of having to head back to the store to get a second one.

The extra effort of applying the second treatment is worth the freedom from pesticide components.

Best lice treatment for toddlers: SchoolTime Shampoo

What are the best lice shampoos? Toddles are pretty sensitive, and you would want a lice treatment that is gentle for them. SchoolTime Shampoo is the perfect choice. It is the chemical-free alternative to lice treatment, with the effectiveness of the other brands but without the harsh smells. Made with a natural formula ideal for children, SchoolTime Shampoo also wouldn’t cause stinging if it accidently comes into contact with your little one’s eyes.

Best preventative measure: Fairy Tales

Prevention is always better than cure, and that is still true for lice infestations! End the issue before it even begins with Fairy Tales, a lice-repellent shampoo formulated with rosemary, citronella, and tea tree oil—all ingredients that naturally keep insects like lice away. It is also free of harsh chemicals and sulfates, and it smells nice and pleasant too. The scent is mild enough for everyday use though also powerful enough to keep the bugs away.

Best natural treatment: WipeOut by HeadHunters

What are the best lice shampoos? HeadHunters offer WipeOut, a natural alternative to lice treatment. It attacks lice on a physical level rather than on the chemical one. Instead of outright killing the lice through chemical content, it instead disables the lice and permanently damages them. There is no strong chemical scent or oily scent in WipeOut; instead there is a pleasant light, fruity scent that will surprise you.

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