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Animals play no role in spreading scabies among humans. Scabies transmission are seen in all parts of the world; and are not specific to any ethnic group or socio-economic class. The mites do spread rapidly, however, in overcrowded conditions like:

– prisons

– nursing homes

– extended care facilities

It is also quite common for scabies to be spread by sexual contact; or to be passed around among members of the same household.

In institutional settings, especially in cases of virulent crusted scabies; prevention hinges on vigilant monitoring and detection once the outbreak has been identified.

If crusted scabies is present, this will include a program of thorough cleaning and disinfecting in addition to treating the affected individuals.

Since direct skin-to-skin contact is the means of scabies transmission; affected individuals may need to be temporarily isolated and support staff will require protective garments.

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