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Can autistic people work? Yes indeed. People with Autism Spectrum Disorder need to choose jobs that make use of their strengths and unique abilities. Can autistic people work? Typically, both low and high – functioning patients have very poor short – term working memory. They however, have a better long – term type of memory than most normal people. In this article, you’ll learn can autistic people work? You’ll also learn what jobs best suit a visual and non – visual thinker.

Can Autistic People Work: Job Tips

Can autistic people work? Later, you’ll see a list of jobs that could be both easy and difficult for both visual and non – visual thinkers. We have grouped that into three tables. Most children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have a hard time doing mathematical or analytic work. I would say that more patients diagnosed with autism are better at creative jobs but of course it varies.

Here are some job tips for kids or patients with autism spectrum disorder:

  • Jobs should have a well – defined endpoint
  • Make a portfolio of your work. Sell your work.
  • Your employer should accept and recognize your social or other limitations.

Ideal College Courses for People with ASD

Can autistic people work? It’s essential that high – functioning ASD patients choose a college course in an area where they can get jobs. Since we’re already in the information age, a degree in computer or technology related subjects could perhaps be a good choice. This is because it’s very likely that many of the best programmers have Autism Spectrum Disorder or share some similar traits. Other college majors that ASD patients can get into are the following:

  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Art
  • Science
  • History
  • Business
  • Political Science

Can autistic people work? Pure Mathematics and English should be avoided. However, an ASD individual could major in library science with a minor in history. The library science degree makes it easier to get a good job.

Jobs for Visual and Non – Visual Thinkers with ASD

Jobs that Require High Demands on Short – Term Working Memory

These are jobs that could not be appropriate for people who are high – functioning autism.

  • Cashier: Quickly making changes can be demanding on short – term working memory.
  • Short – Order Cook: Keeping track of food orders or cooking many things at the same time can be demanding.
  • Waitress: This could be difficult if they have to keep track of many tables at the same time.
  • Casino Dealer: This is a job that has many things to keep track of.
  • Taxi Dispatcher: This is a job that has many things to keep track of.
  • Taking Oral Dictation: This can be hard for them due to auditory processing issues
  • Airline Ticket Agent: Dealing with angry people especially when flights are cancelled could be demanding and stressful for them to handle. 
  • Stock Market Trader: Could be stressful to handle
  • Air Traffic Controller: Information overload and stressful
  • Telephone Operator or Receptionist: They can have problems when switch board gets busy

Jobs for Visual Thinkers

Computer Programming: This is a field that has various jobs available. One can choose to be in the field of business computers, industrial automation, communications/ network systems, and software design.

  • Drafting: This includes computer aided drafting and engineering drawings. This job can offer various opportunities for people with ASD. Drafting is an excellent gateway for different technical – related jobs. There are people who started out doing drafting jobs and later on move into designing. To become really skilled at drafting, you need to learn how to draw by hand. Most people who draw beautiful drawings on a computer learned to first draw by hand. Those who never learn to draw by hand usually leave out important details on their drawings.
  • Commercial Art: Advertising and magazine layout can be done as freelance work
  • Photography: TV cameramen, videographer and photography can be done as a freelance work.
  • Equipment Designing: For most people working in this industry, employees usually starts as draftsman before moving into designing equipment in factories.   
  • Vet Technician/ Animal Trainer: Behavior problem consultant and dog obedience trainer could be a good fit for some people with ASD.
  • Automobile Mechanic: This job includes visualizing how the entire car works
  • Computer – Repair: This job includes visualizing problems in networks and computers.
  • Small Appliance: This can make for a nice local business
  • Handcrafts: This include many different types of wood carving, ceramics, and jewelry making among others.
  • Laboratory Technician: This job includes modification and building lab equipment.
  • Web Page Design: This can be a freelance work. You need to find a good niche market plus you can also do this at the comfort of your home.
  • Building Trades: These jobs make good use of visual skills though some may not be able to do them well due to motor coordination problems. Jobs can include being a carpenter or welder.
  • Video Game Designer: I suggest that you stay out of this field. Jobs are now scarce and the field is overcrowded.  There are many more jobs in communication and industrial business, and software design computer programming. Another bad thing about this job is that it’s exposure to violent images which can be offending or disturbing for patients with ASD.  
  • Computer Animation: Those who are visual thinkers would be very good at this field. Keep in mind though that there’s a lot of competition compared to industrial or business computer programming. Businesses are often recruiting workers from other countries because there’s a shortage of good programmers in the industrial and business fields. 
  • Building Maintenance: The job often includes fixing windows, broken pipes etc. in places like hotel, office building, and apartment complex.
  • Factory Maintenance: This job includes repairs and fixes factory equipment


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