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Eye Strain by definition is a common medical condition that occurs when our eyes experience tiredness, soreness, achiness; and overall just feel painful and discomforting. The overall symptoms occur because of the prolonged use of our eye muscles; that are responsible for controlling our eye movements and pupils. It is commonly caused by looking at our computer screens and cell phone because clearly; we are dominated by technologies and use them mostly for our everyday lives. 

Eye Strain Habits

Eye Strains can be acquired from doing a certain task; that requires undivided attention, such as working diligently occasional breaks, driving for long periods of time, painting, reading a book; being exposed to an extremely lit environment, or either too dark, If a person is exposed to dry moving air; he/she is also likely to experienced Eye strain.

It is certainly an annoying condition that can interfere with our energy level, productivity; and maintaining our daily tasks, but it is not considered to be a serious condition; as it can be relieved with non-invasive treatments. However, be it not serious, it is our job to look after our eyes, and prevent Eye Strain from happening. Today, I will be going to show you the ways in which you can prevent Eye Strain; as well as advice you can take to help you maintain a healthy set of eyes. Let us start discussing them. 

Eye Strain Habits Remedies

Remedy #1

Because often, Eye Strain is born when you immerse deeply in a single task for too long without a break; it is deeply important that you; every once in a while shift your attention to something other than that said task. Every 20 minutes; you are encouraged to focus on something that is 20 feet away and take a look at it for at least 20 seconds.

You should not only abide by the 20-20-20 rule every twenty minutes; but really take decent breaks such as going for a walk, or meditating; when you are ought to engage for a deeply driven attention and focused activity. If you are in an IT industry or a driver; or any essential workers that are deeply immersed in the repetitive tasks they do, make sure you are managing your time well.

Remedy #2

When using technological devices, keep the brightness at a minimum or use dark shade filters as your eye reacts to them calmly. When you are doing other activities, i.e. Painting, reading, close work, position the light behind you and direct it onto the task. 

Remedy #3

Using Eye Drops will help you to not have dry eyes; that are at risk of Eye Strain and can actually relieve the pain, achiness, and soreness of your eyes if ever you are already experiencing Eye Strain. It will also keep your eyes lubricated and blinking as often as they should blink.  

Remedy #4

Prevention from Eye Strain habits can come from using a humidifier, modifying the thermostat to reduce blowing air, and steer clear of smoke.  

Remedy #5

If you are working at technological devices; or need some type of intense sight from other work or activities, you should be considering the right eyewear to wear; if you are doing those said activities. This will help you to improve your visual health and acuity, in providing visual protection, headache, and migraine management. In addition to that; you ought to not feel overly worked up and feel as though your eyes are really dry. 

Maintaining Eye Health

Here is the comprehensive list of things you are highly encouraged to do so that will help you improve; and maintain a healthy set of eyes: 

  • Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.
  • Do maintain an ideally healthy weight
  • Get enough regular exercise
  • Wear sunglasses or eyeglasses
  • Use safety glasses or protective goggles when engaging in hazardous or airborne material at your work, if playing sports like racquetball, lacrosse, and ice hockey, wear eye protection.
  • Consult your eye doctor regularly and engage in regular eye screening 
  • Quit smoking or substance abuse
  • Throw away your old makeup, replace them every three months
  • Sleep adequately
  • Know your family’s history with regards to their eye health and share the information acquired with your eye doctor. 

Keep in Mind

Our Eyes is one of the most important parts of our body as it gives us the sense of sight to see and experience the world firsthand. That is why, experiencing Eye Strain, even if it is not a very serious medical condition, is something that still requires adequate care and medical treatment. In addition to this, maintaining and improving our eye health is one of the greatest things we can do to ourselves as it prolongs the very gracious advantages of seeing. 

And it’s a wrap, do remember to always look after your holistic health after this, it is not just our eyes that need adequate care and attention but our whole body, externally and internally, be it physical or mental. Health is wealth, so you better take a good look after it. 

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