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The Challenge of Chronic Sinusitis

The greatest challenge of living with and treating chronic sinusitis is the variability of the problem. It is a mistake to think of chronic sinusitis as a single condition. Most experts are in agreement that chronic sinusitis presents on a spectrum or continuum; with...

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The Problem with Decongestants

Both your primary care physician and your ENT may recommend that you use a decongestant in the form of either an over-the-counter spray or tablet. If you have chosen not to see your doctor and are dealing with your sinusitis alone, seeking relief from the...

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Home Remedies For Torticollis

Some cases of spasmodic and recurring torticollis are more aggravating than debilitating. These less severe occurrences can be aided by a range of home remedies for torticollis. Heat application is universally helpful to reduce pain. Standing under a warm shower...

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Symptoms of Torticollis

Although the symptoms of torticollis are visibly identical in children and adults, the disease presents in different ways by age and causes. Symptoms in Children A visual diagnosis may be all that is required with infants and young children. The child’s...

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