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Exercises for Autonomic Disorders

Exercises for autonomic disorders is a recommended component of treatment including POTS. Your doctor or physical therapist will assign goals and stipulate target heart ranges to achieve but not exceed. If you are exercising at home, you will likely need a “workout...

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Signs and Symptoms of POTS Syndrome

POTS cannot be reduced to a simple description like, “I stand up and then I faint.” There are numerous signs and symptoms associated with the syndrome. When some combination of the following has been in place for six months or more and the correct tests have been...

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Diagnosing Degenerative Disc Disease

A diagnosis of degenerative disc disease starts with an extensive medical history. This will include questions about: – symptoms (past and present) – the pattern of change in those symptoms – past injuries or illnesses – treatment or intervention for...

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Scabies Transmission

Animals play no role in spreading scabies among humans. Scabies transmission are seen in all parts of the world; and are not specific to any ethnic group or socio-economic class. The mites do spread rapidly, however, in overcrowded conditions like: – prisons – nursing...

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Preventing and Controlling Head Lice

The most frequently seen vector for the transmission of head lice is head-to-head contact. It is less common for an infestation to be linked to shared items of clothing, or from carpet and furniture. These parasites can live no more than 2 days without a host. Nits...

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